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Those of us that are part of Home at Homes, share a very characteristic quality: we suffer what is known as the 'Stendhal syndrome'. Beautiful things excite us and there is nothing we can do about it!  We strive to see, feel and taste the good things of life. We can be very miserable at times, but when we are happy, we put all our heart and soul into staying that way. This blessed curse, conditions even our long working hours, something, which on the other hand fills us with happiness and, being happy, is very good for the health!

Work and fate has made both of us have to travel extensively.  Along our separate ways, we have met fascinating people and amazing places and we have experienced the material and transcendental luxury to the point of being obsessed in finding those sweet moments.

Karin Wallis is a cosmopolitan from birth. Swedish mother and English father, born in London and from there has travelled more than half the world round. She speaks English, Spanish, German and Swedish and came to work with tourism through her marketing career. In addition to traveling you will also see her enjoy scuba diving, horse riding, skiing and any sport that involves adventure and to keep fit. She is an amateur photographer (though nobody would guess this by seeing her work!) and she shoots most of the photographs you can find on the Home at Homes Website. She is a lover of good food, has an infatuation for perfection and enjoys a cold GT at the end of a long and happy days work.

Nono del Barco has spent half of his life making people feel good. Some people say that his vocation is to be a super-host. He has spent most of his life related to high level tourism from Hospitality to Public Relations. Pioneer in the invigoration of the Seville nightlife, he has opened the doors to the avant-garde and innovative proposals in the gastronomic sector of the city. “Sevillano” down to the marrow, perfectionist, and lover of good life, good food and fine wines, he has an agenda worth its weight in gold: containing the key from the most hidden “tasca” to the most exclusive and private joint, Nono del Barco controls because the city holds him no secrets.

Home at Homes is our most personal project. A formula between tourism and a break from conventions, designed to make our guests enjoy their destination as a real insider and allows them to feel the intimacy and privacy that a home can provide. We have hunted and selected for very personal properties, homes with the common denominator of an excellent location and a special attention to detail.

The good things in life. Feel at ease with yourself. Pursuing moments of happiness and care-freeness. Squeeze out those special moments...

We are thrilled with these happy moments in life and there is nothing we can (or want) to do about this!

We invite you to be part of Home at Homes.