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Home at Homes’ little secrets

Home at Homes’ little secrets We want Home at Homes to be your home away from home. Apartments, houses and villas where you can be yourself and make of your holidays and your leisure time exactly what you want them to be. But (and you can call us vain if you wish) we are determined to leave our little mark on you, working on the small details which really make you feel extra special. It may sound a bit soppy, but we’ll say it anyway: we believe in the power of the little things, of that little extra something… We want to anticipate your needs, cater to your every whim, bring out a smile. We want you to think of us fondly when you go back to your daily routine.

There’s no secret to the art of entertaining friends… or is there? The fact is that some of our guests do ask us repeatedly about details in the décor, style tips, special services, etc. Do you want to know some of Home at Homes’ open secrets? We’re launching a new section in our blog where we will share all the little details with you.

 What does a perfect holiday smell of? As with everything in life, the context and the experience are paramount. So, is it the aroma of good home cooking? The first rains of the season? Baby talcum powder? Whatever else it may be, the holiday of a lifetime smells of happy times.

In Home at Homes, your moments of rest and relaxation smell of fresh flowers, a touch of citrus, and freshly cut grass. Our homes are bright and cheerful, a gateway to the city. Our guests also bring much of that brightness with them, so we consulted them and together came up with the fragrance that best represents us. And this is the secret: Tuberose Bouquet, by Zara Home. We use it in spray form, so that it is infused throughout the house and linen (sheets, towels…). The effects are subtle, a taste of spring. And the result, believe you me, an instant good mood. So! Secrets that fit in a small perfume jar.

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