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Home at Homes SPRING

Home at Homes SPRING Spring means joy, colour, vitality. Long, sunny days and evenings spent on a terrace. Light returns in the spring, the light that was missing over the winter, and with it the urge to enjoy your days, to forget the February rains… And you can certainly do just that in one of the many fiestas that spring brings with it. Spring: a season of joy and fiestas.

Any time is a good time for travelling to Seville, the city of flowers, but perhaps now is even better. No shortage of fiestas here. Less than a month into the new season, Easter Week comes along to fill the city with traditional brotherhoods and processions. And when the intensity of this singular week is just dying down, the Feria de Abril takes over. Vibrant colours, polka dots and flamenco concentrate in Seville. So even if you think you know all the magnificent sights this city has to offer, you still have a lot more to take in: radiant gypsies, amazing dances, horses, and light, always light…

But it’s not just the south that’s full of colour. Madrid welcomes its visitors in spring with one of its biggest fiestas. May is the month when San Isidro, the city’s patron saint, is honoured, and all the locals turn out in traditional dress to celebrate in style.

And that is Spain for you. Whether you look for your home in Barcelona, in Madrid, in Seville or in some hidden corner of the country, spring will always bring you joy.