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Navidad 2013 de sevillanas maneras

Navidad 2013 de sevillanas maneras There are thousands of ways to live Christmas and a common denominator in all of them is the comfort and warmth of a home. Yes, it can be in the form of an intimate evening or dinner with friends or spectacular trip to the Antipodes. We all expect that from Christmas union and family, two concepts inextricably attached to home. 

Return home for Christmas! Come to Seville!! Mainly because in Home at Homes we have the “home from home” waiting for you and second but not less important, because Seville, in addition to the friendly nature that characterizes it, deploys these days its multiple charms. Fancy spending Christmas in a “Sevillian” way?

1. Seville shines

Literally. Don’t you believe us? We are longing for the night to fall to see all the beautiful Christmas lights. This is what our friends from the Town Hall have to say


2. Seville tastes great

Tastes of “turrón” (a sort of hard nougat), “polvorón” (fluffiest and messiest sort of biscuit around) and unique delights handmade by the nuns of the 17 convents of the city. Delicious!  A wonderful excuse to go sightseeing and to visit these treasures of the historical heritage of Seville.

3. Seville is alive

And how! Families fully defy the cold to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the streets. So many plans, so little time…! On one street you have the route of the cribs (leaving early to avoid queues at dozens of churches, sororities and establishments where you can see spectacular nativity scenes); buy a figure or two for your own nativity at Spain’s largest Nativity fair; buy small gifts at the traditional shops in the centre, go ice-skating (Yes, outdoors and in Seville) under the mushrooms of La Encarnación, be in time to watch the spectacle of light and 3D Mapping Seville, enjoy traditional mar-ve-llous  cuisine and culture of the Spanish tapa… burn the lively Seville night!

4. Seville is your home

in an old palace style if you seek the classical 

Chic if you like refinment with a mix

modern if your choice is for the avant- garde

arty if you want a very personal ambience…

There are as many houses as there are people and with Home at Homes we will find the ideal apartment, villa or holiday home for you. If your trip is for work or pleasure, a trip with friends, family or just a couple, we always will find for you the authentic and personal in our homes. Home at Homes is also a piece of Seville and in addition to a beautiful accommodation we would also love to show you the Seville that is not in the guide books. Would you like to live the Seville experience? In Christmas, New Year or whenever you choose! Here you will have a home.