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Plan your trip… or fail

Plan your trip… or fail When going on a trip, one of the issues to which people are attaching increasing importance is planning. Destination, accommodation and cost are important, and this makes planning crucial. The holiday period is one of the times of the year that avid travellers look forward to most. Can I get more affordable prices? Better accommodation? More attractive locations? The answer is yes… if you plan your trip well in advance.

Statistics show, however, that in a substantial proportion of cases, “breaks” are planned practically on the spur of the moment and without significant comparison of prices or accommodation options. And this is where it becomes important to stop and find the time to prepare properly.

As for the final cost of the trip, statistics are clear. Planning just a couple of months in advance can bring us savings of up to 35%, according to the travel platform Atrápalo. “Although trends are improving, we have to change our mindset, as most of us decide our trips just five days in advance on average, and with such a small margin of time it is difficult to find the best price or an attractive offer for your trip,” states the online travel platform.

There are also clear advantages given the greater availability. Flights and beds sell out as our trip dates approach. It won’t be the first or last time that lack of planning has scuppered a long-awaited holiday, either because there are no hotel beds left in the chosen destination, or because flights are sold out, forcing us to postpone the trip. Once again, this travel platform advises us that “it is really important to book flights and accommodation well in advance to benefit from greater availability.”

According to numerous statistics on trips and travellers, one of the reasons given for delaying breaks to the last minute is the chance of last-minute offers. In many cases all goes well, but unfortunately for many others this can lead to missing out on a well-earned holiday. If the reason for leaving things to the last minute is the chance of bagging lower prices, bear in mind that what will really bring you affordable prices and the best choice in accommodation and destinations is good planning.

In Home at Homes we can already discern that the culture of booking months in advance is becoming widespread, showing that it really is the best solution for enjoying a top holiday.

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