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Planes para empezar 2014 en casa… fuera de casa

How do you picture spending the last night of this year? Maybe with family or with friends, after having had a sumptuous dinner and certainly in a great festive spirit.  And surely… at home!Truth is that it is a magical moment, full of good wishes that are worth living in company of the ones we love.

There is no place like home. And if we organize a great plan, a different one….at home but away from home? No, this is not a paradox. Should you wish, you can welcome the 2014 in a luxury loft in Seville or in a centrally-located apartment next to the Puerta del Sol in Madrid: have dinner and then go down to the famous Puerta del Sol to eat your 12 grapes to welcome the new year!  Or maybe you prefer a more quite atmosphere with family and friends at the Villa of your dreams?

Not a bad plan, ey? We, at Home at Homes provide the house: beautiful, comfortable, homely and with all the extras so that you can enjoy your stay in maximum comforts. And should you wish, we can even provide the dinner: buy the ingredients for you, cook them and serve them to your liking in the warmth of your home and without having to scrub a single dish afterwards.

Here are some of the plans you might enjoy:

1. Madrid at your feet

Enjoy Madrid at Christmas. Stroll down the streets to see the beautiful monuments and Christmas lighting, the Nativity scenes at Plaza Mayor, the tasty gastronomy, its shopping streets bubbling with life.. Inspire yourself with the New Year by walking close to the area of Puerta del Sol (or, if you dare, submerge yourself into its heart and greet the new year with the crowds). And at dinner time surround yourself with beautiful things in a sophisticated atmosphere in this spacious duplex.

2. Andalusian House in a natural paradise

And what would you say of spending the last night of this year at the warmth of a heath surrounded by your family or best friends? Away from the hustle and bustle? We have found the perfect place for you but shhhhhhhh……….. Let it be our secret!

El Molino is what we call one of those “magical places”. Imagine a beautiful country house in the middle of the countryside, imagine a fairy tale, imagine the warm and exquisite interiors. Now imagine yourself surrounded by the beauty of the “Andalusian Vega” and the warmth of your people. Far from the crowds, only you, the field and the company you choose. A fireplace, rich food of the area. Sips of wine and laughter… You can imagine this, right?

If you want it, you could have it. Just imagine. A year that starts at El Molino cannot go wrong. But hurry. Make your reservation online or call us and start 2014 enjoying at home!

3. New Year’s Eve Cotillion in the most avant-garde Seville 

Yes, Seville is full of traditions that we love but beyond the topics it also has a modern and avant-garde side to i that we invite you to discover. Visit the latest architectural jewels from the city and soak up the hospitable nature of its people. Discover your neighbourhoods more hipster and fashion’s cutting edge. And spends the night with style (and space to celebrate a dinner with dancing at your own party) in a fantastic downtown loft that will surprise you!

Remember to also make a trip to the oldest Winery in Andalusia. An intimate dinner, a lunch at home, a boat ride, a getaway to the beach or fight a bull along with some friends in a Seville finca. Whatever you fancy, we can organize a select plan and most important of all: authentic plans. Ask the Home at Homes Team to tailor make a plan for you and enjoy your home away from home!