Find your holiday accommodation in Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona with Home at Homes

Privileged location? That’s a must for Home at Homes

Privileged location? That’s a must for Home at Homes It’s in our DNA, as those who have already stayed with us know, part of our appeal: our homes must give your their all. So a Home at Homes property is not only special within, it must also be in a privileged location. Always. In the heart and history of each of our cities.

We want you to feel at home, but we also want you to feel the luxury of that unique view. Our homes are there to charm you while you relax in one of our terraces. Our homes have views that not even the locals can boast. So that when you are sitting in one of them you can soak up the light and the views that are there for the taking, through windows which look out onto history, culture and tradition. For we have carefully sought out each location to take you close to where you want to be, so that you can simply lose yourself in the historic centre, in neighbourhoods of legend and luxury. So that you can almost reach out and touch the skyline.

In Seville, you’ll find that our homes are just a stroll away from the Giralda. Simply open the windows, and you’ll capture the scent of the Alcazar gardens. Many of our homes are in houses which are hundreds of years old but which have been beautifully restored and refurbished… homes that are tucked away in the heart of one of the most traditional and unique old town centres in Europe.

Time has left its mark on these neighbourhoods which are now pampered and cosseted, so that we can enjoy them as if time had stood still. And so, rightfully, on many of the streets where our homes are to be found traffic is restricted, and the best way to get to them is by public transport.

Forget the car, leave it behind and relax. But if you do prefer to come in your own car, don’t hesitate to ask us about parking and access. We will be delighted to help so that you will have everything arranged when you arrive.

And if luggage is a problem, ask us about travelling light. There are many options available today allowing you to arrive in our homes without worrying about your suitcase. That will be sent along as required, so that the only thing you need worry about from the moment you leave your own home is enjoying the moment.