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Ten refreshing plans for a summer in Seville

Ten refreshing plans for a summer in Seville Talk of summer usually brings to mind pictures of beaches, sun loungers by the sea, refreshing cocktails. But if in addition to rest and relaxation you want to experience a summer with a difference, Seville has everything you’re looking for. True, Seville has no beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your summer holidays in the city. So here are our suggestions for ten fun and refreshing plans for summer in Seville.

1. Natural pools: Who needs a beach when you have a natural pool just a few kilometres away? Not many tourists are aware of these hidden gems… Surrounded by nature, you will live the city like a true insider. Some of these natural pools are El Martinete, in Seville’s Sierra Norte Natural Park, or the Pantano del Pintado in Cazalla de la Sierra.

2. The beach on the Guadalquivir: Yes, we said that Seville has no beach, but that’s no longer quite true. From this year on, you can enjoy Sevilla Beach, set up on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, with all the feel of a real beach. You’ll be able to surf in a pool with artificial waves, try out your diving skills, or simply soak in the sun while enjoying a refreshing drink…

3. Water parks: Seville has two water parks with slides and wave pools. If travelling with children, Agua Mágica and Aquopolis are the best options for a fun family day.

4. Open air cinemas: When night falls and temperatures drop, watching a film in the open air is the perfect plan. So, get your popcorn and take a seat!

5. Open air concerts: Or if music is what you prefer, then this is your perfect plan. Over the summer months, Evenings in the gardens of the Alcázar have musical styles to suit all tastes (baroque, classical, flamenco, world music and others) and put some rhythm into your days.

6. Summer terraces: When on holiday, fiestas are a must, and there’s no better place to experience them than Seville. After a day of tourist visits, sit down and relax on one of the many summer terraces to be found. Music, a good atmosphere and a bit of dance to let your hair down in the holidays.

7. Spa and relaxation: Winter or summer, nobody can resist a good spa session. Some spa centres also have rooftop swimming pools, so that in addition to pampering your body, you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views over the city.

8. Adventure sports: Get to know Seville from a different angle, take a kayak on the river!

9. Never-ending jazz: From 20th June to 29th August comes the yearly jazz festival organised by the Jazz Association of Seville (Assejazz), held in the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Arts.

10. Seville’s skyline: If you like heights, don’t miss out on an evening on one of Seville’s rooftop terraces. Hotel rooftops become privileged viewpoints from which to take in the city’s best views.

So, choose your preferred reason for spending your summer holidays in Seville, search for a property with Home at Homes… and enjoy a summer with a difference!