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The luxury of letting yourself be carried away

The luxury of letting yourself be carried away Travelling has, in most cases, become something that is decided and planned well in advance. Leaving little space for something as important as that sense of adventure, of surprise, discovery, so intimately linked to the act of travelling itself.

Any guide, blog or web will provide us with a detailed history, an account of the best places to visit, all the museums and collections, parks and gardens, traditions and food. Even an endless list of opinions, of suggestions of what to do, where to sleep, eat or even what to buy. As a result, nothing is left to chance and we lose the opportunity of living that unique experience which is waiting for us if we were only able to let ourselves be carried away by our instincts.

And there is so much to lose by letting ourselves be sucked up in the sea of information and opinion provided by others. Very often, we end up conditioning our own experience.

We should be aware that there is always something that has not been written down, that cannot be measured by the number of stars or posts appearing below the hotel description. Just let yourself go, explore each place on its own merits and take in its traditions, the beating of its streets and its peoples, its way of life. Living the experience of travelling for oneself. Not feeling like a tourist, but rather merging in with the city we are travelling to for the first time.

For this very reason, Home at Homes offers you the possibility of staying in private homes, away from that cold sensation of being in a hotel. We like our guests to roam the streets without a map, to greet the next-door neighbour every day, to feel the beauty of travelling. By staying in places full of tourists, you will not be able to see and feel the true heart of the place you travel to. Nor will you meet its people.

No. We want you to experience the place for real by planning your trip with us. To feel the traditions of the places you travel to. To be just another local.