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The pleasure of travelling

The pleasure of travelling Travelling is a passion which only those who share it can understand. It can come upon us at any time in life, a sudden glimmer of light in our minds which awakens the feeling. The urge to travel can hit us anywhere: in a bar, in a park or in the office. And so the search for destinations, flights and prices begins, the search for happiness and comfort.

And choosing a travelling companion. Because sometimes the destination is less important than the person who is to share it with you. Or perhaps they are both equally important, and then the combination is perfect. Staying in Madrid, with walks in the Retiro as the sun sets? Or a few days in Seville to smell the orange blossoms, with a romantic dinner next to the Giralda? Definitely!

Travelling is just that. It is about getting to know places, tastes, smells… about walking, visiting and enjoying. And if you want to know when the best time to do all this is… there is no best time. Any time is the right time to buy a couple of tickets and take a break. Because whatever it is that you don’t do now, you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Any day is the perfect day. In Madrid or in Seville, the local cuisine is always there. And the buildings, sites, museums… everything will be there, day after day, waiting for you to come.

And when does the trip end? You may well ask. We can safely say that a trip never ends. Because the memories of your trip will remain with you forever. Put it to the test. Put your mobile phone away, take no pictures… the moments will engrave themselves in your memory for the rest of your life. Especially if you choose Home at Homes.