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Travelling at Christmas and feeling at home

Travelling at Christmas and feeling at home Travelling is imagining, creating, inventing, dreaming… travelling is the essence of life. It heals the soul. It’s a breath of fresh air that makes us younger and changes us inside. Nothing is the same after a trip. Work, a visit to loved ones, getting to know new places, or simply for leisure. And at this time of the year, of course, a very special trip: travelling for Christmas.

How would you measure, for example, the joy of a family trip to Seville to spend Christmas eve next to the Giralda? Could you even begin to describe the feeling of witnessing the clock bells ring in the New Year, live, with your nearest and dearest, in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol? We cannot always find words to express what we feel in those special moments. You just have to live them…

Travelling at Christmas is about more than monuments, food or culture. You always want more. You want that special “something” that makes every trip unique. Exclusiveness, convenience, comfort, style and personality. All things we don’t want to give up when we pack our suitcase.

Is it possible to stroll around the city, enjoy the Christmas lights and the nativity scenes, and finish up with a hot bath in one of our properties, feeling at home? And what about visiting a top museum and then enjoying dinner with your partner in one of our apartments, with the sense of being at home? Yes, that’s the magic of Home at Homes.

We have all dreamed of a different Christmas, a special Christmas to be remembered for the rest of our lives. Perhaps this will be the year when you can enjoy a home in Seville, Barcelona, Madrid or some other hidden corner and travel back to your childhood days…